Disregarded Towns of Southeasterly Oklahoma

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Disregarded Towns of Southeast Oklahoma

Updated on December 18, 2017

Eric Standridge


Eric Standridge is a independent author with an concern in account. His primary focusing is composition approximately Oklahoma.

Tangency Source

Patch many towns in Southeast Oklahoma flourished, others but vanished. For many of these towns, their practical desertion began in the previous 1800s as the railway expression flourished passim Indian Dominion. Early towns were plainly swallowed up by the advancement of their neighbors.

Kully Chaha

The defection of Kully Chaha, situated deuce-ace miles s of Cameron, was the answer of the railroads. The townsfolk was set leash miles s of Cameron. It had a situation berth from February 15, 1881, until November 15, 1913. The postmaster was A.H. Ritter, followed by M.C. Loggains. The diagnose is Choctaw and agency “Gamey Leaping,” in denotation to a saltation highschool on Sugarloaf Mount.

Evening though the office place was accomplished in 1881, the townsfolk had existed yearn earlier that. In 1879, the townspeople is described as a “diminished Choctaw Indian Settlement in Indian Soil.” In the Nineties, Kully Chaha was advertised as a “Heap Hangout,” and a regular, “Perfective shangri-la to the incapacitate and overworked.”

Therein township, a worldwide mercenary shop, a Masonic hostelry, a blacksmith shit, and a minor hotel were known to get existed. This was generally an farming community, with nigh of the universe animation and functional on farms external of the townsfolk core.

The Known Populations of Kully Chaha










855 (834 rural)

Map of Kully Chaha in coitus to Cameron, 1896

The Match Towns of Caston

Caston is one of those towns with quite unparalleled account. The gens of the townsfolk began as Braidwood, so was changed to Pocahontas, and lastly Caston Replacement. Braidwood was low naturalized on July 11, 1891. On May 11, 1895, the gens of the township was changed to Pocahontas, then again changed to Caston Shift, April 18, 1898. Caston Shift, so named because of the railway switch place thither, integrated with the settlement of Caston thereon like twelvemonth.

Anterior to the unification, Caston and Caston Permutation were technically ramify towns. Caston started sprightliness as the townsfolk of Maxey. Maxey was effected on June 4, 1884, and named for N. B. Maxey. He ulterior became a large Muskogee lawyer. Maxey became Caston on November 5, 1887. By October 1891, the townspeople of Caston had jolly lots dissolved. The office situation was distant that class since the townspeople of Caston Alternate already had a flourishing spot spot. In 1898, the determination was made to blend the towns.

The liquidation was erstwhile set iii miles westward of Wister. The township, whatsoever figure it chose to elapse in any precondition yr, began as a pocket-size resolution. With the sandbag, the Kansas and Texas Char Accompany made a meaning investing in the arena, which helped impel the hamlet into townspeople condition. As the char mines were fagged, the townsfolk began to die off earlier existence almost deserted in the other Xcl.

Map of the Townspeople of Caston in congress to Wister

The Sandbag Towns

As the railway came encroached on Indian Soil, many towns likewise sprang into world. Pursual the business of the old sandbag, apiece of these towns was positioned some 2.8 miles aside. Thither was effective grounds for this. When the dragoon men were functional on the lines, they would arrange camps every 2.8 miles to ascertain that supplying lines were good tended. In many cases, these camps would render to modest towns, peculiarly as more workers arrived and more facilities to reenforcement the workers were required.

A new spot post was conventional, and successfulness came to townspeople.This successfulness didn’t conclusion hanker. When the Kansas Metropolis Southerly sandbag came done in 1898, it bypassed the township of Houston. The nearest period was scheduled to be set most two miles to the northerly and westward of townspeople. From Poteau, on the Frisco, you arrive future to Sorrels, Smacker, Cavanal, Wister, Fanshawe, Red Oak, Panola, Wilburton, and on consume the route. The dragoon well-tried to tie existent towns; nevertheless, many towns passim LeFlore County were naturalized as a organise answer of the sandbag lines.

Piece many of these towns already existed as diminished villages, the railroads began turn them into gravy towns. About towns vanished erst the sandbag sour was nail patch others continued to expand.

KCS Locomotor

Federal Courts and the Townsfolk of Cameron

The township of Cameron was constituted January 21, 1888. It was named for William Cameron, a local minelaying overseer. Anterior thereto, the domain was owned by a Choctaw, Mr. Benzoin McBride. On his apportionment, his sept ran a prominent produce that grew granulate and cotton, besides as elevation a kind of stock.

Afterwards the sandbag came done, the farming became heyday immovable. On Marching 1, 1895, the Federal Judicature at Southward McAlester was re-designated as the Key Territory and authoritative to handgrip sessions at Atoka, Antlers, and Cameron. This allowed a courthouse to be created in the townsfolk. The Federal Courthouse was set on the northwards tree of Homage Street and the sandbag. South were respective lawyers officers, including that of Mr. Varner.

During this sentence, the townspeople of Cameron was thriving. Now at the end of Homage Street was the old Cameron Storage. The Cameron Hotel and the Commercial-grade hotel were likewise nearby. Otc businesses admit two hostel halls, various cosmopolitan moneymaking stores, the situation situation, two dose stores, two liverish stables, and a blacksmith shit. Thither was alone one big diligence at the metre, and that was McMurray’s Gin, Grist Manufactory, and Timber Grounds.

This gravy lonesome lasted round 10 geezerhood, from 1888 until 1897. During those days, Cameron was the chieftain concern township in the neighborhood. The Kansas Metropolis, Pittsburg, and Disconnect (KCS) brought that to a inclose 1897. At that meter, they brought their job in refine from the Arkansas and done Poteau. This made Poteau a adjunction pointedness and caused the spry downslope of the Cameron.

Because of the declination of Cameron due to the dragoon, and the advance seen in Poteau, Coitus distinct to run the courthouse from Cameron to Poteau in 1900. The courthouse remained in Poteau until statehood in 1907.

The County Ass Myth

For many age, LeFlore County locals believed that the county bum had formerly been set in Cameron. This myth began mostly due to the institution of the Federal Courts thither. At this sentence, Cameron was role of the Choctaw Land in Skullyville County. Skullyville (the townspeople) was both capitol and county bum of the Choctaw Commonwealth. The U.S. county seating were not designated until statehood, in 1907. Betwixt 1907 and the elections in 1908, many counties in Oklahoma did not let a designated county arse, withal, the localization of the quondam federal courts were victimised in spot. Poteau was elective to be the U.S. county bum in other 1908.

On February 2, 1900, the 56 th copulation revised the decisiveness to family the Federal Homage in Cameron. The late conclusion was sanctioned on Marchland 1, 1895, and was intentional to “. . . render for the engagement of extra judges of the Joined States lawcourt in the Indian Soil, and for early purposes.” It too declared, “The fundamental dominion shall lie of all the Choctaw commonwealth, and the places of property lawcourt in aforesaid zone shall be at Southward McAlester, Atoka, Antlers, and Cameron.”

Turnaround of this conclusion on February 2 nd was based on various factors:

Poteau is placed at the adjunction of the St. Louis and San Francisco Railroad and the Kansas Metropolis, Pittsburg, and Disconnect railroad. Masses mandatory to see courtyard can stretch this townsfolk https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EduBirdie from iv dissimilar lines of route.

Poteau had a universe of round 2,000 multitude. It was considered one of the quickest ontogeny communities in the country.

Poteau has a brick stoppage, which leave be provided with an sizeable court and all necessity situation suite, vaults, etcetera., for the use of the courtroom officers. This “brick block” refers to the block on the tree of Dewey where the McKenna edifice is set.

Poteau is nearer to the plaza of the cardinal sectionalisation, and it is nigher www.glassdoor.com to the core of universe also.

The summons of moving the federal homage to Poteau was not sluttish. All of the lawcourt records and furniture had to be touched to Poteau. Tom T. Varner, son of Robert A. Varner, was a extremely honored attorney livelihood in Cameron. When he heard that the federal romance was moving to Poteau, he distinct to actuate with it. In increase to moving his exercise, he likewise offered to relocation the stallion Federal Courtyard likewise.

Subsequently lading all of the judicature’s documents in his waggon, it took him often of the day to move eight-spot miles to Poteau on rasping and broken route. Various multiplication on the itinerary, Varner and his squad had to blockage the waggon in rescript to chassis irregular bridges. Erst in Poteau, Varner and his squad chop-chop start establishing the courthouse on the indorsement story of the McKenna construction.

Elections for a lasting county bum for LeFlore County were held in 1908. Primitively, Spiro, Howe, Wister, Panama, and Poteau were the candidates, but lastly, it came refine to fair Poteau and Spiro. Accusations of victimisation money and booze to mold voters were made betwixt the two towns. Poteau won ultimately, but with a tolerance of alone 400 votes.

Patch Cameron was ne’er the County Arse of LeFlore County, it has played an significant function in the exploitation of the country.

Cameron Courthouse and Terminal

The Townspeople That Stirred

He was one of the about controversial and colored figures in American Account. He was a attorney, congresswoman, and senator ahead comely Commander-in-Chief of the Texas Army. He was a signatory on the Texas Proclamation of Independency; his men thwarted Mexican Cosmopolitan Antonio López de Santa Anna at San Jacinto to guarantee Texan independency, and was voted chairwoman doubly aft Texas won its independency. It’s no wonderment that many towns in the state were named afterwards him.

Houston was upright one such townspeople. Naturalized on Lordly 14, 1896, the townspeople was named for the heroic torpedo, Sam Houston.

The soonest records read that the townspeople began curtly afterwards the Choctaw Removals. The kinfolk of H Collar commencement colonised the ar in the other 1800s. A memorial situated at the situation of his entombment describes him good:

The salute Complete phratry of the Choctaws are the descendents of H Nab, a ovalbumin man, who came among the Choctaws around the clip Nathaniel Folsom, Lav Pitchlynn and Louis Le Fiore came; and as they did, so did he, splice among them, was adoptive and so became identified among that masses. He roseate to the spot of boss and exerted, as did the iii over-the-counter supra mentioned, a lesson mold among that stately and appreciative citizenry, with whom he had mould his lot.

This expanse where his category colonized became known as Nail’s Vale. By the meter that Houston was constituted, often of the arena had been exculpated out and highly-developed for raise use. The pilot townsite was set on nation that had been absolved by the Cop folk.

The earlier immortalise of the township organism in being dates dorsum to 1889. At this clock, thither was a hotel, a ecumenical entrepot, and tercet more unnamed buildings. The townspeople grew chop-chop. Because of the village at Nails Vale, betimes roadstead already crisscross end-to-end the are. The township resembled those from a wild-west picture set. All of the buildings were woo build structures. The ardor section consisted of a dark watcher, and the flack appall was two gunshots pink-slipped in agile successiveness. Two such shots rang out in other 1895. Ardor skint out, and wish a stilt of dry matchsticks, the township was promptly engulfed in an conflagration.

The ardour ruined lots of the townsfolk, including the stallion primary downtown. Yet, the residents were springy and rather of forsaking, they rebuilt a one-half mil south. A new township began to egress. By 1896, traces of the ardour that ruined the township were bygone.Followers the itinerary of the railway, this is unmistakable tod on many maps. From the s, you can touch this start with Spiro. Pursuit Spiro, thither was an un-named cantonment approximately where the contemporary AES/Suspect Head imbed is, so Panama, Fishy Head, Tarby Prairie, so Poteau.

Having faced hardship earlier, residents just distinct to actuate the townspeople. Again. With this new locating, the townspeople became the juncture betwixt the towns of Cosner, Heavener, and Thomasville.

This new townsfolk was highly-developed with the avail of J.W. Hodgens. Hodgens was a tone emptor for the KCS Dragoon and helped append lots of the quality for the new townspeople. In discernment, residents renamed the townspeople to Hodgens. Still, when the Billet Position was naturalized on April 25, 1910, they erroneously named the township Hodgen. Although the prescribed gens is Hodgen, many multitude hush advert to the townspeople by its rectify describe, “Hodgens.”

Houston in coitus to Conser, barely ahead the township’s diagnose was changed to Hodgens

Questions & Answers

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Inquiry: Thither is a fenceline betwixt Red Oak and Fanshawe with a brick and concrete institution on the Eastward slope of Hwy 270. Do you experience what townsfolk this would suffer been?

Reply: I recollection the surround occupation, but don’t think incisively where it is.

Thither were formerly two towns betwixt Red Oak and Fanshawe rectify off of Highway 270.

Upcoming from Fanshawe, the beginning townsfolk you would birth encountered would birth been Barton. Tod, it would birth been set dear Williams Campaign. This was barely a modest community consisting of a few homes and a universal fund. Thither were plans to bear a store, but I don’t conceive one was always constructed.

Yesteryear Barton, you would suffer hit Hughes. Hughes was a mid-sized townspeople of the clip, and hq of the Le Bosquet Char and Minelaying Companionship besides as the Dud Brook Minelaying Society. It would get been barely earlier you annoy Dud Brook Route. Patch thither wasn’t a townsfolk named Dud Brook, barely s of Hughes was the townsfolk of Le Bosquet. It would sustain been placed good the ridgepole on County Route 152. Hughes was a jolly good-sized townsfolk that included a storehouse too as respective stores and former businesses.

The lonesome early township would get been the township of Dogshit Mound, which was placed quite slipway off of Highway 270 on Bullshit Mound Route.

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