Lubecheck Programme

Lubecheck Program

The Lubecheck Program monitors oil properties and metal contents in fuel. It serves as a remarkably effective condition monitoring tool.

Concerns targeted at global warming and the rapid expansion of the Emission Control Areas in Europe, the USA, and elsewhere essentially mandates the use of low and ultra-low sulphur fuels. Low sulphur oils tend to have lower lubricity.  As a result, close collisions caused by the jamming of fuel pump plungers and unexpected engine stoppages continue to be reported.  Therefore, lubricants used for low sulphur fuels need to have a low base number (BN)

Fuels and lubricants are inter-related and should not be tested and reported individually. Maritec recognizes this fact; hence, it offers testing for both fuels and lubricants.

The LubeCheck test provides both analysis and spectrometric analysis for oil properties and metal contents in oil, respectively. It achieves this by utilizing the ASTM D5185 organic dilution method for the different types of oil applications.

Typically, the samples we receive consist of engine oils, system oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils and stern tube oils.  Testing for speciality oils like thermal oils and greases can be carried out based on the customers’ requirements or specification.

We provide a free sampling kit containing sampling bottles, labels, an instruction manual, air waybills and a DHL Logistics Directory for inbound test samples.  Maritec has formed a Worldwide WPX contract with DHL which ensures that samples are delivered to Maritec labs, which are open all year round, swiftly.

The LubeCheck Report provides test results for oil properties and the spectrometric analysis. Professional technical advice is provided along with the report.

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Maritec Pte Ltd, A member of CTI Group,  was incorporated in 1999 as a marine fuel laboratory providing analysis results and technical advice to a portfolio of international shipping companies.

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