Maritec LubeCheck

Maritec Lubecheck Program which monitors the oil properties and wear metal trend is equally important and serves as a very effective condition monitoring tool.

In addition, concerns about global warming and the rapid expansion of the Emission Control Areas in Europe, USA and elsewhere makes the use of low and ultra-low sulfur fuels mandatory.  Lower sulfur fuels tend to have lower lubricity.  As a result reports of near collisions from fuel pump plunger jamming and unexpected engine stoppages continue to be reported.  Lower sulfur fuels need to be matched to lower base number (BN) lubricants.

Fuel testing and used lubricants are inter-related and can no longer be interpreted and reported in isolation.  Maritec offers both fuels and lubricants and recognises this fact.


Maritec Lubecheck Programme

The LubeCheck tests include the oil properties and spectrometric analysis of the metals in the oil using the ASTM D5185 organic dilution method for the different types of oil applications.

Typically the samples that are received are engine oils, system oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils and stern tube oils.  Other speciality oils like thermal oils, greases can be carried out based on the customers’ requirements or specification.

We provide a free sampling kit containing sampling bottles, labels, instruction manual, Air WayBills and the DHL Logistics Directory and for inbound test samples.  Maritec has a Worldwide WPX contract with DHL which ensures very fast sample delivery to Maritec laboratory which is open 365 days a year.

The LubeCheck Report provides test results for Oil Properties and Spectrometric analysis including professional technical advice.