Maritec Marine Services

Maritec is a leading marine surveying firm in Singapore carrying out thousands of bunker quantity transfer and quality sampling surveys each year in the key bunker ports.

Maritec has over 15 years of experience in the bunker industry and has a qualified and dedicated team of bunker surveyors who are qualified and reliable in verifying bunker quantities on your behalf. All our bunker surveyors are licensed by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore and very experienced.

Maritec carries out bunker surveys in Singapore according to the Singapore Bunkering Standards: SS600 and TR48 which are the code of practices issued by the government for bunker tankers and bunker surveyors. We pride ourselves on the quality of service and all our bunker surveyors have to go through both internal and external training before performing surveys on their own. Maritec Bunker Survey Service is also ISO 17020 certified by SAC.

Maritec Bunker Survey service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are able to respond to any job request at short notice. We are also available 24 hours a day to attend to any dispute matter onboard your ship.

In the current competitive environment where cost optimisation is critical, bunkers remain a significant operating cost which cannot be ignored.

Bunker purchasers’ need an impartial and independent report of the bunker delivery to ensure ship receive what was ordered.

Maritec offers bunker quantity survey at key bunker ports:
• Professional and impartial quantity assessment of quantity delivered
• Surveyors collect representative sample at the point of custody transfer
• Commercial test parameters:- density, water and viscosity in report
• Complete contemporaneous documentation
• Service available round the clock
• Polygraph for integrity verification

Other Marine Service Surveys are available as well: 

• On / Off Hire of Vessel
• Bunker Remaining On-board Survey
• Bunker Audit Survey
• General Condition Survey
• MFM Pipeline Tracing Survey
• MFM Interpretation Investigative Survey

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