Sampling Procedure

Taking Representative Samples

A representative sample taken throughout the whole bunkering period is of utmost importance. The laboratory test results are only as good as the sample you provide. Technical advice on the handling of the fuel and the safe operation of your vessel is also dependent on your sample being representative of the bunker delivered on-board.

Sampling should be carried out at the point of Custody Transfer. This is in accordance with ISO 8217 which states “This International Standard sets out the required properties of the fuel at the time and place of custody transfer”. Custody transfer sampling is also specified by MEPC Annex 2 Clause 6/MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI Regulation 18(6) and is also compulsory for all bunkerings in Singapore under the Singapore Standard SS600:2014.

For the purpose of bunkering a vessel, the custody transfer location is at the receiving vessel’s bunker manifold. This is the location where the risk and responsibility for safekeeping of the bunker pass from one party to the other.

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