Maritec Fuel Testing Programme (MFTP)


Vessels propelled by slow and medium speed engines typically burn heavy marine fuel oil (HFO) in their main engines (usually referred to as bunker). These vessels also consume a lighter grade of fuel in their generators called Marine Diesel Oil (MDO) or in some cases Marine Gas Oil (MGO).

The Global Sulphur Cap 0.5% will enter into force on 1 Jan 2020. Ships without scrubbers will switch from HSFO to compliant fuel; Very Low Sulphur Fuel Oil (VLSFO); the latter which consists of diversified properties depending on the various region blending and production methods. In 2020 ship operators will adopt VLSFO, new fuel grades and blended fuel oils which are not on ISO 8217 marine fuel specifications.

This makes any fuel quality problem even more serious as it could easily result in a “dead ship” that cannot be re-started at sea.

Maritec Fuel Testing Programme is specially designed for Ship Owners and Operators whose vessel receive Marine Bunker at ports all around the world. Our Fuel Testing Programme serves as a Machinery Damage Prevention and Fuel Management Programme to highlight potential problems before they occur.

We have a wide pool of international customers who join our programme and use our global express courier service to send fuel sample that was drawn by Vessel’s Chief Engineer for analysis in our laboratory before the consumption of the fuel.

We offer more test parameters than those listed in ISO 8217 in Maritec Fuel Testing Programme Analysis results are compared against the ISO 8217 standard for the relevant grade of fuel and accompanied by operation and technical advice covering:

• Fuel Usage & Storage
• On-board Fuel Treatment
• Recommendations for Maximising Fuel Efficiency
• Detection of Waste Lube Oils and Other Contaminants in the Fuel
• Fuel Ignition and Combustion Quality

The Fuel Analysis reports will be sent to customers within 24 hours of the sample’s arrival in Maritec. We operate 365 days a year including Weekends and Public Holidays