Sulphur Verification Kit

Maritec Sulphur Verification Kit

The Global Sulphur Cap 0.5% will enter into force on 1 Jan 2020. Ships without scrubbers will switch from HSFO to VLSFO; the latter which consists of diversified properties depending on the various region blending and production methods. In 2020 ship operators will adopt VLSFO, new fuel grades and blended fuel oils which are not on ISO 8217 marine fuel specifications.
Many ship operators will need to prepare their fuel tanks by performing tank cleaning and verify the sulphur content for IMO 2020 compliance. There is also increasing awareness on operational risk in using VLSFO which are not limited to but primarily compatibility and stability issues.
The new Maritec Sulphur Verification Kit is specially designed for Sulphur Test and/or TSP Test.

IMO 2020 Compliance: Sulphur Verification
Ensure the tank is within the Sulphur limit of 0.5%. We will recommend to draw a sample from each storage tank and fuel line before ME inlet for Sulphur test.

Post 2020: VLSFO Compatibility by Total Sediment Potential (TSP Test)
In addition to routine full analysis on new bunker sample, Maritec recommend an extra TSP test on mixed fuels consists of new bunker and ROB bunker samples for compatibility check. Both samples will be stored in Maritec Lab for easy retrieval upon your request. Although good bunkering practice is to segregate different bunker source however compatibility check is still essential as there bound to be comingling of bunkers in settling tank. It is important to mitigate the risk of having sludging problem by mixing different VLSFO bunkers.

Maritec Sulphur Verification Kit:
– 12 Sulphur Bottles
– 12 Bottle Labels
– 3 Zip Lock Bags
– 3 DHL Airway Bills
– 3 DHL Flyer Bags
– 3 MSDS Copies
– 3 Proforma Invoices