Maritec Laboratories Pte Ltd was incorporated in 1999 as a marine fuel laboratory providing analysis results and technical advice to a portfolio of international shipping companies.

In May 2005, the company was acquired by a group of marine fuel specialists and the company was renamed Maritec Pte Ltd. With the enhanced domain knowledge and comprehensive expertise from the management team, they enhanced Maritec Fuel Testing Programme (MFTP) which now provides technically superior services at very competitive rates.

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Maritec Fuel Testing Programme

Maritec Fuel Testing Programme (MFTP) is specially designed for Ship Owners and Operators whose vessel receive Marine Bunker at ports all around the world. MFTP serves as a Machinery Damage Prevention and Fuel Management Programme to highlight potential problems before they arise.

Participating vessel will be provided with a Sampling Kit containing sampling bottles, sampling instruction manual, sampling and despatch documentation and etc.

MFTP offers test parameters more than those listed in ISO 8217 and the test results are compared against the ISO 8217 standard for the relevant grade of fuel and accompanied by operation and technical advices which are customised according to the vessel machinery information stored in our expert system. 

We have many situations where the marine fuel test results meet the ISO8217 specification yet the vessel experienced fuel handling problems or suffer extensive machinery damages. Such situation will require research and investigative work using special techniques and instrumentation. Maritec R&D team has the expertise and capability on Forensic Analysis to support your bunker claims. 

Maritec operates 365 days a year including Weekends and Public Holidays which allows our customers to receive the Fuel Analysis reports within 24 hours of the sample arrival in Maritec Laboratory. Our customer service and sales team provide fast response on your testing needs.


Maritec Bunker Quantity Survey (BQS)

In the current competitive environment where cost optimisation is critical, bunkers remained a significant operating cost which cannot be ignored. Bunker purchasers need an impartial and independent report of the bunker delivery to ensure ship receive what was ordered.

Maritec BQS Surveyors conduct professional and impartial quantity assessment of quantity delivered with complete contemporaneous documentation. Surveyors collect representative sample at the point of custody transfer and commercial test parameters: density, viscosity and water are included in Maritec BQS service.   

Regular on-board checks on surveyor performance and lie detector (polygraph) testing provide customers with peace of mind when engaging Maritec BQS service which is available round the clock. Other marine service surveys are available as well.

Our credibility and recognition are confirmed by a wide pool of international customers who engaged our services.